Tornado Moves through Manorville
By Member Christopher Steel
November 13, 2021

On Saturday November 13th @ 1551 Hours, Manorville Fire was activated to respond to a reported Electrical Hazard @ 51 Poncho Drive. This was the first of 11 calls for the Fire Department to respond to numerous calls for Tress Down, Wires, Down, and reported structure fires. Numerous Manorville FD units where out on the roads responding to all the calls for help and finding out numerous roads where blocked by tress down form the Tornado. Manorville Fire trucks where out on the roads between 4pm and 10pm helping to remove tress and helping to open the roads up. 2 homes in Manorville reported trees fell through the roof of their homes.

Hyperlinks: National Weather Service Link to EF1 Tornado in Manorville