Manorville FD Responds to Multiple Vehicle Fires
By Member Christopher Steel
September 30, 2021

On September 29th @ 2333 Hours, Manorville FD was activated to respond to multiple car fires at the Calverton Enterprise Park (Old Grumman Facility). Storm damaged cars from Tropical Storm IDA are being stored on the old Runways and last night 3 Tesla's and 1 Corvette Burned. Manorville Assist Chief arrived on scene and reported 4 vehicles burring and instructed the incoming units to prepare for a lengthy operation as 3 of the 4 where Tesla's. Engine 5-16-2 was first due and immediately stretched a line to start the extinguishment process. Tanker 5-16-9 and Engine 5-16- 7 where 2nd due and pulled additional hand lines to help with the extinguishment. Mutual aid by Wading River FD and River FD where called for and responded with Tankers as there are not fire hydrants along the runways of Calverton Enterprise Park. Riverhead PD, River Head Fire Marshall, and Suffolk County Police Arson Squad all responded. All Manorville and Mutual Aid units where released at 0123 hours. While the Riverhead Fire Marshall's where investigating the cause of the fire, one of the Tesla's reignited and the Riverhead Faire Marshall's called the Manorville FD back to the scene. Engine 5-16-2 and Tanker 5-16-9 returned to extinguish the rekindle. The Riverhead Fire Marshall's where able to have a Large Fork Lift brought in so the remaining Tesla's could be separated and moved away form other cars in case any of the Tesla's rekindled again. All Manorville units where released @0327 Hours.

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