Manorville FD Helps to clean up Fire Rescue Roads in Manorville Hills County Park
By Member Christopher Steel
October 27, 2020

On the weekend of October 24th, The Manorville Fire Department, along with Suffolk County Parks and Team Rubicon, all worked together to clean up the Fire Rescue roads throughout the County Park. There are approximately 9 main rescue trails that emergency vehicles can use throughout the park. Over the years, many of the trails have become over grown and have rendered these trails very difficult, if not un useable in the case of emergencies such as Brush Fires and medical emergencies. In 2019, The Manorville FD responded to a large brush fire in the park and during this event, firemen where injured and many of the different fire departments who responded, encountered lots of expensive damage to brush trucks as a result of the condition of the trails. Through the efforts of The Manorville Fire Department Chiefs and Commissioners, the Suffolk County Legislators, efforts where made to organize the different agencies to come together and put this work and training detail into motion. Team Rubicon was also brought in and used this time to assist in the cleanup efforts as well as a very important training exercise for their members who needed time for their internal certifications to maintain their position in Team Rubicon.

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