Another Brush Fire For MFD...
By Member Christopher Steel
June 9, 2020

At about 5:35AM, Manorville was activated for a Brush Fire, North of the Long Island Expressway, near Exit 69. Suffolk County Police reported visible smoke traveling across the Long Island Expressway with the South Bound Winds. Chief Chris Lindberg arrived on scene and directed units to respond to the North Side of the LIE, just west of Exit 69. It was determined that the entry into the woods from the LIE was not the best path in. All units redirected to the Exit 69 Westbound on Ramp. Entry to the woods was made behind the large mulch piles, just north of the Exit 69 Entry ramp. Units 5-16-GI2 and 5-16-GI4 where the brush trucks on scene. Unfortunately, GI2 ran into a mechanical issue, so GI4 entered the woods to extinguish the fire. All units where back in service by approximately 7:30AM.