Manorville Fire Dept. Responds to Another Brush Fire !
By Member Christopher Steel
May 5, 2020

On Tuesday, May 5th @ 12:19 PM - The Manorville FD was activated for a Brush Fire off of Schultz Road and Wading River Manor Road. This was the third brush fire in the same area for the 3rd time in 3 weeks. Upon arrival, The fire was discovered to be a large brush fire that was spreading due to the wind on the west side of Wading River Manor Road. Flames where approximately 4 to 6 feet high, with some flames reaching 10 feet up into the trees. The Manorville Fire Dept responded with 3 of the 4 GI's as one was still out of service from the previous brush fire. To assist the Manorville FD, 14 surrounding fire departments where called to assist with their brush trucks and some tanker trucks. Suffolk County Police responded with one of the Helicopters and took 2nd Assistant Chief Ceo over the fire to help direct the brush trucks to the fire areas. A signal 4 was transmitted by Chief Lindberg at approximately 1600 hours. Mutual aid units where released and once the final pass around the fire perimeter was completed to ensure no further hot spots existed, Chief Lindberg released all reaming units. Approximately 50 acres of woods burned during this fire. One or more Photos have been provided by LI Hot Shots Photography