The Manorville Fire Dept. continues to respond to alarms....
By Member Christopher Steel
March 23, 2020

The Manorville Fire Dept. continues to respond to alarms. We have taken unprecedented measures and precautions to keep our members available to respond. We remain in constant contact with Suffolk County agencies and our partners at Manorville Ambulance working together and seeking guidance, monitoring equipment needs and preparing for the public’s needs.

We have suspended all meetings and trainings to reduce the potential of our members spreading the virus amongst ourselves. We have closed the firehouse to all except essential personal or for response to alarms.

We ask all residents to continue to follow all guidelines for staying home. Your help will reduce the volume of stress put on your first responders and the health care system.

If you have a need for first responders please DO NOT hesitate to call. We do ask that you please take the following steps:

-Answer questions from dispatchers honestly, we are coming regardless of your answers

- Be prepared for us to ask all occupants to come outside of the building. If an occupant cannot for some reason please make the first unit on scene aware.

- If possible secure or remove pets prior to our arrival.

-We will only allow a minimal amount of Fire Fighters to enter your Residence or Business as necessary to investigate the nature of the situation you called us about.

-Our Fire Fighters may wear face masks or our S.C.B.A as a precatuionary process to protect the Firemen and your Family.

With a high volume of people home this is a good time to review fire safety. Many of us may not cook often or have not used the grill in a while. Take a moment and inspect cooking appliances. A great family activity could be reviewing fire safety together! Here are a few links you can review.