Manorville Fire Dept. - Cold Water Rescue Drill
By Member Christopher Steel
February 21, 2023

On Tuesday, February 21st @ 1900 Hours, The Manorville Fire Department hosted our annual Ice/Cold Water Drill. With the weather being warm, we had no ice, so it was just a cold water drill. We held the drill at a small pond at Pine Hill Country Club. Numerous vehicles from Manorville FD, especially Unit 5-16-15, our Ice/Cold Water Rescue Truck. This truck contains all the necessary tools and equipment we use for ice and cold water rescues. We rotated through a dozen different members to practice the skills of donning the rescue suits, Attaching the safety ropes, using the throw bags, using the rescue sled. Manorville Fire had assistance from both Mastic Fire and Center Moriches Fire, whom both have highly trained Water and Ice Rescue Teams. These teams provided necessary back up for the Manorville crew, as well as help to train on proper techniques. Also, a big thank yo to Center Moriches, as one of their members was the victim for us the entire drill night. I have to also thank Mastic Fire, as they let us use some of their rescue suits, as some of ours where out being repaired. Suffolk County Fire Academy sent 2 instructors from the academy to also assist with this drill. The drill was over seen by the Manorville Fire Department Safety Officers team, whom did a great job keeping all safe. Many pictures

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