Manorville FD Respond to an EMS Assist
By Member Christopher Steel
November 13, 2022

On Sunday, November 13th at 1108 AM, Manorville FD was activated to respond to an EMS Asist in Manorville Hills County Park. Two women where riding horses on the horse trail when a few dirt bikes went passed the 2 horses. One of the Horses get startled and the woman riding was tossed off the horse and was injured. The 911 call was able to get a GPS Location of the incoming call and that latitude and longitude where supplied to the FD. Using a GPS App on a members phone, the patient was easily located. Crews from 5-16-GI4 and 5-16-GI1 where able to walk into the park from the Long Island Expressway with a stokes basket and carry the woman to the awaiting Ambulance. All units where back in service at 1226PM.