Manorville FD Respond to another Vehicle Fire!
By Member Christopher Steel
October 3, 2022

At 0417 Hours on Monday, October 3rd, The Manorville FD was activated to respond to a reported Vehicle Fire on the East bound Long Island Expressway between Exit 69 and 70. Assistant Chief Rosario was first on scene and confirmed to all units a working vehicle fire. Engine 5-16-2 was first due, with Tanker 5-16-9 second due. Engine 2 pulled the front bumper line to start the extinguishment. Tanker 9 supplied Engine 2 with additional water. Engine 5-16-3 was 3rd due, and pulled their from pumper line to apply foam as the gas tank started to leak gasoline onto the ground. The county dispatch also reported a possible victim was trapped in the vehicle, but that was not founded as there was not anyone in the vehicle. Suffolk County Police shut down the east bound expressway as top keep the are safe while the firemen where extinguishing the fire. All Manorville units where cleared and back in service at 0513 hours.

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