Busy Night for the Manorville Fire Department
By Member Christopher Steel
September 2, 2022

At 22:59 PM, September 1st, Manorville FD was activated to respond to a reported Clothes Dryer Fire. Engine 5-16-7 and Engine 5-16-2 responded and it was only an issue with steam in the dryer. Crews returned home shortly after returning from this call. At 01:14 Hours, Manorville was Activated to respond to a Motor Vehicle Accident on the East Bound Long Island Expressway. Rescue 5-16-1 and Engine 5-16-2 and 5-16-3, along with Fire Police unit 5-6-11 all responded. At 01:15 Hours (1 minute after the MVA), Manorville was activated for a Mutual Aid to Riverhead for a Tanker to Respond to a Mulch Fire. Manorville Tanker 5-16-9 Responded to the Mulch fire and the other units remained at the Motor Vehicle Accident. 5-16-52 Responded to the Mulch Fire and upon arrival, Riverhead asked for Manorville to also respond in with an Aerial Ladder to the mulch fire. Tanker 9 setup a relay pool operation as there are no hydrants near the mulch fire location. When Engine 5-16-2 Returned to Station 2, the crew switched to Ladder 5-16-4 and Responded to the Mulch Fire. Riverhead also asked Manorville for an additional Engine. Engine 5-16-3 left the scene of the MVA to respond to the Mulch Fire. 5-16-51 and 5-16-52 where in command of all the trucks and crews. While operating at the Mulch Fire, Manorville received an additional alarm for smoke in the vicinity of Greenwood Village. 5-16-32, 5-16-51, and Engine 5-16-3 responded to the call for smoke in the area. As it turns out, the reported smoke in the area, was smoke blow over from the Mulch Fire in Riverhead. All Manorville units where released 05:34 Hours on September 2nd.

Additional Video https://youtu.be/hMdUx1Ztr-8 https://youtube.com/shorts/IE1JnZwN2ww

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